Cooking is about having fun in the process!
You can cook up surprises when you enjoy cooking! Scroll down to know more about the fun in TOSHIBA Cook & Joy Series!
Chef's Choice
Superheated Steam Oven
Simple Style
Compact Steam Oven
Kitchen is my playground
TOSHIBA has challenged these YouTubers! Let's see how they play with the TOSHIBA Cook & Joy Series!
Bento can be a visual delight
that tickles your taste buds!
Self-made lunch box is dull and sad? You can create the next food trend or be the Master Chef if you are creative! Post your bento creation on Facebook or Instagram, and you may get the chance to win the TOSHIBA steam oven (MS1-TC20SC)!
TOSHIBA Steam Oven
TOSHIBA Multi-function Rice CookerWith Honatsukama Thick Pot
You are Awesome Award
Grand Prize x1 + Consolation Prize x5
Cooking Skills(50%)
You are Down-to-earth Award
Grand Prize x1 + Consolation Prize x5
Selection of Ingredients(60%)
Most Visual Impact Award
Grand Prize x1 + Consolation Prize x5
GradingTheme fitting (50%)
*Under the premise that no food wasted in the process
Giveaway Entry Deadline:
30th September 2020
Chef's Choice
Superheated Steam Oven
30L ER-TD5000HK
Steam, grill, roast, bake, stew, fry, microwave, ferment
functions all in one!
With 51 Auto Cooking Menu, infinite possibilities for
your meals at home.
Scroll down to learn more about the function!
It cooks with 300°C Superheated steam!
The superheated steam is not general water vapor. It uses a high efficiency heater to continuously heat the water vapor to 300°Cfor cooking.
The water molecules of such superheated steam, is incredibly small & dense, which can easily penetrate food and force out the oil, in the meanwhile retain the food gravy and flavor and reduce calorie absorption.
Your best assistant in the kitchen that makes you the master chef!
The thinnest Superheated Steam Oven Model
Simple Style Simply Fun!
Compact Steam Oven
20L MS1-TC20SC
Having fun with cooking or enjoying good food? Why not both?
With one key control, any newbie chef can cook well!
Small and compact with modern design spices up your kitchen.
Scroll down to learn more about the function!
Don't worry if your kitchen space is limited, as its compact size comes with high capacity!
You can easily fit two 6” dish on each rack, making a 4-course
meal has never been easier!
Simple Operation, Multiple Functions!
M Steam | Simulate Stove Steaming
H Steam | Large Power Steam for Best Flavor
L Steam | Mild Power for Long-time Steam & Slow Cook (up to 5-hour braising setting)
Convection | For Baking, Roasting & Oil-Free Frying
Combi. | Convection with Steam Added, To Release Oil & Salt from Food
Ferment | Low Temp. Fermentation for Dough & Yogurt